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200LR, award winning product

With more than three years of dedication, hard work, and innovation, the Nexans’ design team of PABG in Erembodegem is awarded with return on their investment. The 200LR elbow connector wins the “Belgian Environmental Energy Award (EEAward)” within the category Sustainable Energy. This achievement adds to Nexans portfolio of prized eco-designed products, along with the EDRMAX by NexansTM cable.

200LR is an elbow connector designed to connect insulated cables to equipment such as transformers and switchgears. It has been designed and is currently manufactured by Nexans Euromold in Erembodegem, Belgium. The environmental impacts of the 200LR connector life cycle have been improved significantly when compared to the previous version of the product (the 158LR):

  • A reduction of the global warming potential of the product of 49%, equivalent to the saving of 45.5 kg eq CO2 per connector* was achieved as well as,
  • A reduction of the abiotic resources depletion potential of 44%, equivalent to the saving of 5.77g eq gold* per connector.

These improvements were obtained thanks to a more compact design, that fulfills all technical requirements and an innovative bail system that minimizes power losses in use.

*The results are given for 1 connector 200LR sold in a packaging of 3 connectors, for a lifespan of 40 years and an average use scenario when connecting aluminum cables with a section of 95mm2 with a loading rate of 100A, 100% of the time and used in the medium voltage distribution network in Germany.

They were obtained using product life cycle assessment performed according to ISO 14040-44 standard. The following life cycle stages were considered: manufacturing, distribution, installation, use and end-of-life. For the other 11 environmental indicators, the reductions are similar to the one identified for global warming.

The life cycle assessment was conducted using the software EIME and the database Nexans-2017-06 and using the indicator sets of the Product Category Rules, edition 3 of the PEPecopassport® environmental declaration program.

200LR redesign project

The design team was assisted by Nexans MIT Sustainable Product Team. Lucie Domingo (MIT - LCA & Ecodesign Manager) supported the development effort by assisting in the realization of the Life Cycle Analysis and by providing eco-design guidance. Eco-design is an approach that aims at improving a product environmental impact by considering at the design stage different environmental issues that can happen along the product life cycle. The product life cycle covers all the activities that are necessary for the product to function from raw materials extraction up to end-of-life management.

The Belgian Environmental and Energy award rewards initiatives in different categories from citizens and NGOs that have contributed to sustainability education to industries that have decreased their environmental footprint. Nexans was competing in the final round of the Sustainable Energy category against 2 others companies (Coretec Energy and Zonnewind).

Nexans’ technical teams are paving the way to provide innovations for product differentiation, and eco-design provides just that, added through environmental and energy ef ciency.

Stefaan Van Den Broeck, from Nexans Euromold, receiving the prize from the jury.

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